VIMBY was established in 2007 as a publisher of local market, block by block, street culture videos.  It then became exclusively the Mark Burnett Content Studio in 2010 and was eventually merged under the Hearst, followed by the MGM corporate umbrellas before returning to private ownership in 2016 with a new vision and mission to transform how brands and studios compete in the visual and video content space.


Structured like a marketing agency with the creative prowess of an entertainment studio, and powered by a global team of visual story-hunters and storytellers; VIMBY has now powered one of the largest broadcast and digital content campaigns in history; attracted over 500 million organic views for a video-based original series on social media; generated a multi-billion-dollar sales lift for a single Fortune 5 retail client; and garnered a generous amount of creative, advertising, press and publisher peer recognition.


VIMBY is powered by a highly-vetted team of filmmakers, story producers, visual artists, marketers, and media thought-leaders, many of whom are embedded in over 80 domestic and 10 international regional markets.  Our premium partnerships with renowned talent agencies, publishers and distribution marketplaces also gives VIMBY a limitless ability to develop, script, cast and scale for any medium, while removing the risk of investing in content without a promise of return.


We look to move people before we move products by leveraging what we call Sincerity Marketing™.   Our results have consistently shown that audiences are craving content that not only inspires them with bold ideas, positive stories, and emotion but that are told through the voices of those ‘familiar’ to them – members of their own local community.  From Rural to Suburban – from the Heartland to International metropolises, our casting net gives clients direct access to the real people, stories and communities that help deliver their unique message – at an unprecedented scale, value and quality yet matched.


For 2018,  VIMBY has continued imagining, producing and distributing compelling content and entertainment for a diversity of clients.  The theme this year was definitely partnerships. Some of our favorites include:  producing the original digital series The Cure Hunters, with Pfizer & The Daily Beast; the Telly award-winning spectacle Wonder Woman in the Sky with Intel and Warner Bros. Entertainment;  another amazing year with Walgreens & Comic Relief for Red Nose Day; the One Million Moments of Good Campaign with Cheerios (General Mills) and Walmart; and working with Politico Magazine on an inspirational docu-series called What Works Next!   Keep you eye out for upcoming work with Chevron, Samsung, Hershey’s, Ring (Amazon) and the BBC soon!


Content Expertise

Content Studio of Record

As a full service partner, clients directly ‘plug’ into our global storytelling team VIMBY Nation™.  The relationship comes with a dedicated account team and also includes a robust technology-driven casting and story finding platform as well as content performance dashboards.  The cross utilization of our producers, casting, crews, media and marketing experts across multiple client business units has yielded unprecedented results and economies of scale.

Brand Content

When a brand, corporation, publisher or studio is in need of producing exceptional narrative storytelling that doesn't reek of commercial advertising or stale communications, they call us.   From long-form to short-form, scripted to non-scripted, digital docu-series to co-op ad-campaigns, our work has successfully supported shopper marketing, PR, product releases, CSR programs, and native publishing programs alike.

Original Programming

Our roots run deep in original entertainment.   Not only have we amassed a large library of original stories but we are regularly tapped by brands, publishers and distribution partners to help develop, cast, and produce unique IP and properties spanning  interactive VR/AR, original TV / digital series, music videos, live events and even podcasts that reflect powerful stories of everyday life.

Events & Experiences

From Sundance to Coachella - from the Superbowl Halftime Show to CES & SXSW - whether it be by land, air or sea, our ability to produce AND capture stunning content for both public consumption and internal uses alike is unprecedented.  We capitalize on our 24/7 real time and LIVE capture expertise, talent management and fail-proof ready attitude to create award-winning content  for television, digital, social, VR and emerging channel distribution.

Publisher & Editorial

Since our origins as a publisher, we have been tapped by the Daily Beast, Netflix, and as well as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube for our ability to seek, find and capture thousands of stories 24/7 that are 'news-worthy', compelling and sincere.  We understand what it takes to produce this content at scale,  delivering not only cut-downs but content specifically tailored for the channel - whether it be Vertical, narrative, animated or LIVE!

Research & Insights

Imagine if the entire world could suddenly be transformed into one GIANT focus group. Never before have brands and studios had the ability to capture and measure product sampling,  audience response, or brand relevance directly from the mouth, eyes and ears of local consumers in over 85 domestic and international markets, in just one weekend - all captured in stunning and dynamic video formats for both qualitative, quantitative and even consumer-facing content.


Who is the next influencer?  Is it another celebrity or so-called taste-maker? We believe the real power of content comes from the critical and artful eye of the un-biased observer.  Meet VIMBY Nation – our highly talented team of storytellers from all over the US and the World (85 markets) who together help us hunt, cast and capture the thousands of personal stories that end up in our award-winning original content, on popular publishing platforms and featured in renowned brand campaigns.