So just how does one become the largest content marketing studio in the world?  Well, it all begins over a decade ago when we first started telling and publishing thousands of original stories, block by block, for our own platform.

Today, VIMBY has deep roots in publishing, entertainment and marketing. We have proven that audiences—engage, attend, purchase, and advocate when things feel ‘familiar’ and personal.

VIMBY clients, including global brands, retail giants, entertainment studios, media enterprises and major publishers, have discovered that our approach and work moves the needle, in a big way.  We pride ourselves in discovering untold stories—of emotion, inspiration, disruption, culture, community—from across the planet— curated from our teams in over 80 domestic and international markets.

As Studio of Record for a number of media, brand and publishing partners, VIMBY has also leveraged its ability to develop and produce large volumes of content at a significantly cost-effective and faster pace, while also maintaining brand integrity and commercial quality.


Studio of Record

Imagine a company-wide partnership where your content producer's model, process and approach capitalizes on the nuances, idiosyncrasies, and interests of 100 micro-markets that can be leveraged across divisions, campaigns, and channels.

Branded Content

Our body of work has consisted of producing multi-channel branded content that supports advertising campaigns, theatrical film releases, retail marketing strategies, tear-jerking CSR programs, and native publishing.

Original Content

More than ever, audiences are craving and consuming hours of scripted film, original digital series, television, podcasts, music, and audio featurettes that reflect powerful stories of everyday life.

Social, Live & Digital

We help studios, brands and publishers extend a story, campaign, or narrative arc across a wide range of live experiences, digital activations, social channels, and other emerging mediums.

Research & Insights

The ability to capture and measure product sampling,  audience response, or brand relevance directly from the mouth, eyes and ears of over 1000 households, in a dozen markets, in just one weekend, is not something you should continue to lose sleep over.

Publisher Content

As a publisher ourselves, we have the infrastructure and ability to capture buckets of local stories and journalistic content, hourly, daily, or monthly, to help fill the limitless demand.


150 Award-winning content-driven campaigns

220 Pieces of content from 10 markets in 1 day

1,000,000,000 dollar sales lift for a single retail client