5 Things Marketers Can Learn from Online Dating

5 Things Marketers Can Learn from Online Dating:

Online dating is so interesting, on so many levels, both good and bad, but with so many dating apps available and succeeding, it is clear this new-age way to meet people is the way of the present, and the future. In fact, as of last year, almost 1 in 5 people report meeting their significant-other online. So, what exactly do people love so much about it? What inherent human needs does a dating app fulfill that so many people crave? After a bit of pondering, I realized 5 things that I personally feel are most in play, and I think the way these innate human traits impact people’s online dating experiences are also important for marketers to consider as they seek to best access and communicate with consumers.

So here is my list of 5 insights about people that marketers can learn from online dating:

  1. People are inherently lazy

Ok, let’s be honest. The biggest driving factor behind online dating is that it is easy. It is more convenient. It is more time-saving. People, assuming the result is the same, will inherently choose the easiest path to that result. And who can blame them? If meeting someone is the goal, why would you opt for a harder, more time-consuming way to meet someone? You wouldn’t. Exactly.

Customers are not likely to put in too much effort to be converted, no matter what your conversion criteria may be. Take a look at your company’s different mediums of conversion. Is it a subscription, a purchase? No matter what it may be, customers will be lost if getting to that subscription or purchase is more difficult than necessary because, well, human beings are a lazy bunch!

  1. People want to feel wanted

Recently I came across an article about online dating with a very interesting statistic centered around the fact that is was found that people’s excitement levels are higher when they match with a potential suitor than when the date actually transpires. Do we really crave validation SO much that the thought of someone wanting you is even more exciting than when you get to meet that person? The truth is humans are inherently insecure and feeling wanted and special is an incredibly powerful emotion to elicit.

So, what does this say to marketers?

Well, the biggest thing is that when you communicate with your customers, you must understand their differences. You must understand what makes each group of them unique, and you need to make sure communications are articulated accordingly. Send someone something that comes across as a big blanket email and don’t expect them to react too strongly. But send someone a communication that is tailored to them, that feels personal, and that feels like real effort was put in…Now THAT is a good way to elicit the desired reaction in your potential customer.

  1. There is always another option

Sadly, in the online dating world, a big inherent challenge presents itself in that when online, it feels like there is an endless supply of dating options. Because of this, it is important to make a good first impression, to stay on someone’s radar, and to be consistent in your actions until a trust and foundation are established.

Sounds pretty similar to the corporate world, right? Remembering that your customer can always jump ship to a competitor of yours and that a customer’s loyalty does not ever come with a lifetime guarantee, it is important to consider the need for marketing efforts to support not only acquiring new customers, but also consistently retaining those who have proven loyal.

  1. Unknowns are scary

If you have ever been on an online dating app, you have likely seen verbiage encouraging you to fill in your respective profile. You may even have seen an associated stat indicating that the likelihood of matching with someone increases with a filled-in profile vs a blank one. Of course it does, because any information about someone is helpful as you decide if he/she is worth pursuing!

The most worrisome thing about online dating is always that fear of the unknown. Will we get along? Will it be awkward? Will he/she think I am attractive? Not knowing about anything that you are going to experience is scary and the quicker you can obtain whatever information is needed to have everything not feel so foreign, the better.

Marketers need to understand that humans crave knowledge to avoid the unknown. If someone is hunting for information about your product or service that is not available, vague, or unclear, they are at risk for looking for another option, likely one that is more transparent with their information. Customers are skeptics, by nature, and so the more you as a marketer can help them to feel “let in” the more likely they are to trust in you and whatever product or service you are providing.

  1. Feelings are an incredibly powerful emotion

The best online dates I went on were the ones where I felt comfortable to be myself and just relax and enjoy the date. I always found myself most into girls that I remembered made me laugh, or something they said made me smile or feel like she had a good heart, or any other feeling I can insert in here, my cheeks flushed with embarrassment as I write.

Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” How many commercials can you think of that made you cry, or made you laugh, and yet you have no clue the brand that was behind the ad? Probably a bunch, right?

Marketers need to remember that it is not just about WHAT is said, but also HOW it is said. Think about what you want your customer to FEEL when they think about your product or service, elicit that emotional response, and you are on your way to potentially gaining a loyal new customer.

Netflix: Meet the Binge Racers Video

Little did we know that back in 1997, a company known as Netflix would forever change the way the world consumes movies and television. They started first as a media streaming + video-on-demand service until entering the film & television production space in 2013 when they released their first original series, House of Cards, which you may have heard of if you are a living human… Just 3 years later, in 2016 alone, around 126 Netflix original series were distributed, and the platform now has nearly 110 million subscribers, worldwide.

Remember the days where each week you’d look forward to one designated hour where you could find out what happened with your favorite characters on your regularly scheduled, linear, TV series? Seems archaic, doesn’t it?

We live in a world of instant-gratification, and Netflix is certainly guilty of satiating that need…New episode each week? Now that is just ridiculous, nobody wants to wait a week to find out what is going on in their favorite show. BOOM. Here’s the entire season, available all at once…Thanks, Netflix!

Suddenly, not only where we consume content has changed, but also the cadence at which we are watching…Any of you watch more than one episode at a time? How about three in a day? How about an entire season in less than 24-hours? If any of you are guilty of the latter, just know you are not alone… In fact, Netflix has officially classified those who watch an entire season of any given series within 24-hours as “Binge Racers” and apparently there are 8.4 million of them, and counting! So, who are these binge-racers? Are they just people with nothing better to do? Possibly, but in fact, they come in all different shapes and sizes, from teens, still struggling with puberty, to middle-aged men and women finding TV time in-between hectic work and family schedules.

Netflix recently decided to introduce some of these binge-racers to the world, and as we at VIMBY are constant consumers of content, many of us binge-racers ourselves, we had a blast casting all types of Netflix fanatics, and having the chance to capture their own personal binge-racing stories!