Filmmaker Friday! Meet VIMBY Filmmaker Alex Thornburg

Welcome back to Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate members of the VIMBY nation and get to know them a little better.  Here we profile VIMBY vet, Portland's own Alex Thornburg.



Name: Alexander Thornburg


Hometown: Boise, ID (lived in Portland, OR for 11 years)


Years working with VIMBY: I've worked with VIMBY since the early days, back in 2008, just over 10 years ago.  Wow, I can't believe it's been a decade!


Favorite VIMBY production: There have been so many I enjoyed working on, but the Eugene Rock the Space shoot is still one of my favorites because some of the VIMBY crew came to Oregon and the shoot in general was super fun.  When you're shooting from the roof of a fraternity mansion turned hippie commune toward another roof of another fraternity turned hippie commune that a band is playing on, and you shuffle up a ladder and past a sleeping rooftop hippie all while in an ankle cast, it's kinda hard not to have a smile on your face and a memory that'll last you a lifetime.


Favorite Thing About Being A Filmmaker: That's a hard one.  My favorite thing is the flexibility I get in the rest of my life because I am a career filmmaker.  A more obvious and to the point answer: I simple LOVE shooting and the fact that I see the world in a different way than your average person. 


Most treasured piece of gear: I should say my camera, but cameras change, and my 24-105 lens goes on every production with me. 


Most important item on set that isn't gear: My fannypack, or a PA's hands (to hold my coffee)


Favorite restaurant in my home town:  Kenny's Noodle House


If I wasn't doing this I'd be: In a perfect world, I'd be traveling the world chasing storms and shredding 200 days a year instead of just 70+, but in the real world, I'd probably be a park ranger. 


Recent work I'd like to share:


Psychic Rites"Molecular Curse" Video


Happy New Year!  Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.

Before the holidays we asked you, VIMBY Nation (our filmmakers, friends, family etc) to take our Best of 2018 Poll.

We got a great response from all of you, and here are the results...drumroll please...





What Was Your Favorite Movie Of 2018?

We got the widest array of responses for this category, with 17 films receiving votes.  Bohemian Rhapsody came away with top honors.  Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango!  The top 5 as follows:

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody
  2. A Quiet Place
  3. A Star Is Born
  4. Spider Man: Into The Spider-Verse
  5. BlacKKKlansman


What Was Your Favorite TV Show of 2018?

We are in the golden age of television these days, where anti-heroes dominate.  Barry shot to the top of this list.

  1. Barry
  2. Better Call Saul
  3. GLOW
  4. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  5. Ozark


Who Was Your Favorite Music Artist of 2018?

Everyone loves the Beatles, but the top honors here took us by surprise.  Congrats, Sir Paul, good to see you're finally getting some recognition.

  1. Paul McCartney
  2. Childish Gambino
  3. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats
  4. Ariana Grande
  5. Drake/Eminem/Mitski (tie)


What Pop Culture Thing Are You Most Looking Forward To In 2019?

Winter is coming.  No surprise here.

  1. Game Of Thrones Finale
  2. Stranger Things Season 3
  3. Springsteen On Tour
  4. New Album From Vampire Weekend
  5. True Detective Season 3


We asked if you'd rather quit social media or never watch another TV show or Movie.  No one seems to "like" social these days, as we'd prefer to give it up by a +95% margin.

When asked if you'd prefer to give up a touchscreen or a keyboard & mouse, it was close but 58% prefer to swipe using the modern touchscreen method.

Would you prefer to give up all products and software from Apple or Google??  Perish the thought.  This was another close one, but 55% can't give up their Apple goods.

Thanks for your responses!  

Looking forward to seeing and working with you this year.





BEST OF 2018 - Take the VIMBY Poll!

Our inboxes and social feeds are flooded with every publisher's Best Of 2018 (music, movies, TV etc) is your turn!


Click here to take this fun 2 minute survey by 12/31.

Feel free to share with your friends, family, people you pass on the street...results announced in January.


Filmmaker Friday! Meet OG VIMBY Filmmaker David Rowe


Welcome back to Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate members of the VIMBY nation and get to know them a little better.  Here we profile VIMBY vet and father of a future VIMBY filmmaker David Rowe.


Name - David Rowe
Hometown - Seattle, WA
Years working with VIMBY - about 10
Favorite VIMBY production - My VIMBY film fest winning piece on Corey Lewis.  Being able to go back home and create a profile piece on a good friend of mine was a lot of fun and pushed me creatively.
Most treasured piece of gear: my 50mm lens, it just makes everything look amazing.
Most important item on set that isn't gear: Bandana. Not to wear, but for my back pocket. I sweat a lot when I'm on set, so I need something to wipe my face in order to look respectable.
Favorite restaurant in my home town: Lowell's in Pike Place Market. It's in the middle of a touristy area, but it's not touristy. You can eat a delicious stack of pancakes while overlooking the waterfront.
If I wasn't doing this I'd be: Attempting standup comedy.
Recent work I'd like to share:  This is a Hypebeast X Vans video I did last year, it was my first shoot after buying my Sony FS7 and the client gave me a lot of freedom in the shooting style, so it was fun mixing in-studio stuff with lighting, outdoor with slow motion, cut together in a spazzy edit accompanied by hardcore music.

Filmmaker Friday! Meet Rodrigo Gomez

Welcome back to Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate members of the VIMBY nation and get to know them a little better.  Here we profile OG VIMBY vet Rodrigo Gomez.

  • Name: Rodrigo Gomez
  • Hometown:Miami -  Originally: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Years Working with VIMBY: Since Day 1!
  • Favorite VIMBY Production: Mudbogging was a special coverage. So many awesome and cool ones, and great people I’ve met through a lot of interesting VIMBY productions.
  • Favorite Thing About Being A Filmmaker: Being able to tell stories. From a simple video to documentaries, all stories take crafting and shaping to become complete. Also, it’s always something new, something interesting. I never know where I'm going tp be or who I'm going to meet.
  • Most Treasured Piece of Gear: The cameras and lenses I guess, even though it’s constantly changing. 
  • Most Important Item on Set: A game plan, a script, guide, boards, etc... To me it is always important to be prepared and have a plan or a guide to follow. This way, once the plan is covered, there is room for improvisation and new ideas on the spot.
  • Favorite Thing About My Hometown: Diversity. Miami truly is an unique spot mainly because so many different cultures, beliefs, ideas and generations that meet here.
  • Recent Work: The K-9 Project


Filmmaker Friday! Meet Claudia La Bianca


Welcome to the latest installment of Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate members of the VIMBY nation and get to know them a little better.  Here we profile one of the most colorful characters in VIMBY Nation, Claudia LaBianca.

Name: Claudia LaBianca

Hometown: Miami

First Worked With VIMBY: 2011

Favorite Thing About Being A Filmmaker: Being able to turn ideas into tangible things.

Most Treasured Piece of Gear: My personal vision...

Most Important Item on Set: CUBAN COFFEE

Favorite thing about my hometown is: Sunshine - summer all year long

What advice would I give my 21 year old self: Keep believing in yourself, you are doing great!

Recent work I'd like to share:

Dreams Music Video

Tu Lo Sabes Bien Music Video

Trailer Of My Film

Lil Doc Shot From A Bicycle @ Burning Man


Filmmaker Friday! Meet Ty Jones


Welcome to the latest installment of Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate members of the VIMBY nation and get to know them a little better.  Here we profile longtime VIMBY vet Ty Jones.

Name: Ty Jones

Hometown: Kansas City

First Worked With VIMBY: 2011

Favorite VIMBY Production: Walmart LBC, just loved crew and times we had

Favorite Thing About Being A Filmmaker: Being able to express my feelings about the world through my films that I make.

Most Treasured Piece of Gear: My FS7. LOVE this camera

Most Important Item on Set: Lemonade, I'm an addict and its my one vice

When I'm not doing the filmmaker thing...I'm usually working out or outside doing something fun

Recent work I'd like to share: I love how this turned out: 

Filmmaker Friday! Meet Juliana Broste


Welcome to the latest installment of Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate members of the VIMBY nation and get to know them a little better.  Here we profile longtime VIMBY vet Juliana Broste AKA "Traveling Jules".

Name: Juliana Broste

Hometown: Denver, CO

First Worked With VIMBY: 2012

Favorite VIMBY Production:  MTV This is the Place and Princess Cruises North to Alaska

Favorite Thing About Being A Filmmaker: I love being creative and telling stories.  As a travel filmmaker, I'm lucky I get to experience some incredible places in the world.

Most Treasured Piece of Gear: My Manfrotto Compact Xtreme selfie stick is a must have for important vlogger moments.  I also really love my Manfrotto XPRO Monopod+ which gives me stability and flexibility so I never miss a shot.

Most Important Item on Set: Pink lipstick!  I can't go anywhere without it.

The most beautiful place on earth I've experienced is:  Constantly changing.  As a travel filmmaker, I've been lucky to capture so many interesting places on camera--like camel riding in the Sahara Desert in Morocco.  Hot air ballooning in Capadoccia, Turkey.  Watching the wildlife in the Serengeti, Tanzania.  Snowboarding in Vail, Colorado.  Just to name a few.

Recent work I'd like to share: 

Traveling Jules - Korea

Traveling Jules - On Camera Host

Filmmaker Friday! Meet Jerad Cullen

Welcome to the first installment of Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate members of the VIMBY nation and get to know them a little better.  Here we profile longtime VIMBY vet Jerad Cullen.

  • Name: Jerad Cullen
  • Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
  • Years Working with VIMBY: 8-9 years
  • Favorite VIMBY Production: UFC 200 Ultimate Fan Experience or INTEL BMX meets Curie
  • Favorite Thing About Being A Filmmaker: The best thing, to me, about being a filmmaker is getting to see the world and getting paid to do it. Since graduating college Ive had the opportunity to work in Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, El Salvador, Peru and the Dominican Republic, among others, and the list keeps on growing; not to mention basically every state in the US including Alaska. Getting to see amazing locations and experience different cultures fascinates me and Im always ready for the next adventure waiting around the corner.
  • Most Treasured Piece of Gear: My Ronin-M Gymbal...but not because it helps capture smooth and dynamic shots, but more so the nostalgic value it has for me. Having spent two months traveling across Australia and New Zealand, 99% of the time shooting on the Ronin, every time I pick it up to get a shot it reminds me of probably the best job Ive ever had the opportunity to work on.
  • Most Important Item on Set: Sour Patch Kids
  • My Ultimate Ambition is....just keep doing what Im doing. I have the greatest job in the world and I never would have thought that picking up a Hi8 camera when I was a kid to film my friends and I skateboarding, would ever have led me to where it has now. I made a brief attempt at studying Business Accounting in college but eventually quit to pursue my education in Film (despite protests from my parents) and to this day I always say that even the worst day on set is better than the best day in an accounting office.
  • Recent Work: Demo Reel

Q&A With Vimeo Recognized Filmmaker Maria Juranic

Maria Juranic is a filmmaker, dancer and an artist.  An immigrant from Yugoslavia, her early years were spent in midwest, USA where she learned to listen, observe, and reflect.  Her formative years were spent between the two worlds, which gave her a global perspective in telling entertaining stories.  Her films explore themes of belonging, love and transformation.

Our first project with Maria was a few years ago for our client New Era.  We gave her some basic parameters but were able to really let her run with it with no restrictions.  Unsurprisingly, she knocked it out of the park.

One of Maria's specialties is creating music videos.  Her latest music video for Polica "Agree"  was recently designated as a 2018 Vimeo Staff Pick.

We recently caught up with her for a quick interview via text messages...rock on.

VIMBY: Hey Maria, congrats on getting recognized as a Staff Pick from Vimeo for your video for Polica + stargaze!  How did you first connect with the artist?

Maria Juranic: Hi!  Polica is from Minneapolis, MN, which is the city I lived in for many years.  We have mutual friends and over time became good acquaintance as well.  Minneapolis artists tend to work together and foster each others work, so I wanna say this was the extension of that. I reached out to them saying I’d like to do a video for them and they were in to it.  I was really excited, I wanted to do something for them for a long time.

V: You’ve directed several music videos; is that how you got started?

MJ: Yes I was friends with musicians in Minneapolis. Actually, I lived with many of them at the time, and after I graduated college one of them said “hey you do film stuff, right? Wanna do a music video?."  It kind of went from there. That first video was really successful, and the label that represented the artist brought me on to do more.

V: Nice! Incidentally, check out this video we produced on Minneapolis for MTV a few years ago. As a local Minny kid I think you’ll dig it.

MJ: Oh. I know those ladies :) funny. Its a small world.

V: When you’re developing a concept for a music video, how collaborative is the process with the artist? Do you come in with an idea that you want to execute and pitch it to them?

MJ: If an artist approaches me with an idea, I’m usually into collaborating or spring boarding off of what they are thinking. Combining their key points of interest with my style is the most successful way to make them. But most often it’s up to me to submit an idea to the band and they decide if they are into it. My favorite ones have been where I had full  creative freedom - and it’s really nurturing to me (as an artist/filmmaker). I get to try new ideas or techniques this way, experiment with the medium and my limitations. This is the most exciting thing about music videos.Even on low budget videos, I try to get craftier, smarter so I can still make it interesting.

V: What inspired the creative behind the Polica video?

MJ: I was experimenting with a technique with dismembered limbs in another music video (Grieves “Gutz”) and really liked the effect and what it did in amplifying a disconnect between two people.  I wanted to use this technique again and push it even further.  I thought it would be interesting to use stills, or barely moving images, what a memory feels like, and then add people in it.  The song itself is very dreamy and it felt like it was about someone that the singer is longing for.  It inspired a love story gone wrong.  So, to give it an edge and something tangible, I added a money heist and a Bonnie and Clyde type of a story was born. Originally I wanted to make it between a man and a woman, two outlaws on the road, but soon realized how boring that was to me.  I didn’t want to see another man and woman for some reason, and wanted to explore a story of two women instead.  It felt more powerful, and more sensual.

V: Very cool. How was the video selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick? Did it need to be submitted or do they just discover it and give you that designation?

MJ: A Vimeo curator saw it through a collective I am part of called Brooklyn Film Collective and showed it to the rest of her team at Vimeo.  So, yeah, kind of random.  And they all agreed on making it a Vimeo Staff Pick!

V: Congrats again, that’s awesome. Does that recognition help you get more attention for your work, lead to new business?

MJ: Ha. It definitely helped get more eyes on my work!  I got 100K views in one week on that video. And a few interesting proposals came from it, so yes, it definitely is a positive for my portfolio.  Hoping more work comes from it. Thank you.

V: You also do a lot of branded work as well. I assume that process is much more restrictive on one hand, with less creative freedom, but on the other hand you get to work with larger budgets. Is that the case?

MJ: Branded content can be fun, especially when I can employ a visual style or film technique I used in a music video.  That way I also know that it’s a technique that works and I have experience in it and can show the clients examples of what I have already done.  And yes, most often they are bigger budgets, but these days even those are getting smaller.

V: OK so big picture, do you envision yourself going down a particular path that you prefer, or continue to play in multiple sandboxes?  Would you like to focus on branded content, music videos, directing movies etc etc?

MJ: Big Picture: To keep pushing my own style and vision through everything I do, so yes, one day I can make movies.  I am definitely at a shift right now where I prefer to do more branded content.  And concentrate on short films on the side.

V: Sounds good.  Any new or recent work you’d like to share with VIMBY Nation?

MJ: I’m working on a few things right now - but nothing to show yet. Hoping I will soon tho!

V: Cool well it was fun “interviewing” you.  Keep us in the loop on new projects.  Thanks for your time!  

MJ: Yeah!!! Thank you for doing that. :) really happy to do it. And I’ll definitely reach out soon.


Follow Maria @MoJuranic