My first encounter with Blade Runner comes from when I was 10 years old. My oldest brother Chris and his wife had just moved to California and as we helped him unpack I can remember moving a framed movie poster, this movie poster…

I was totally hypnotized by the artwork and immediately recognized Harrison Ford, who at the time I only knew and referred to as Han Solo. Ever since then I’ve been pretty obsessed with all things Blade Runner!

I’ve read and re-read the Philip K. Dick book that inspired the movie, watched all of the many different versions of the film I could get my hands on (including those released on Betamax+LaserDisc), and closely followed all the rumors and hype leading up to the latest chapter of the saga which just recently premiered worldwide!

So to properly shepherd in the latest Sci-Fi Noir installment to a beloved and cult classic favorite of mine I rallied together a group of air-breathers to delight in the Android heavy Blade Runner 2049.

We headed to the Cinerama off Sunset whose 86-foot screen was the perfect backdrop for the frames to come. Together our group was 8 strong consisting of VIMBY editors, producers, a certain Post Production Supervisor, and even our fabulous Intern made it out for the night!

But we weren’t the only ones in attendance, Jared Leto, who plays the mysterious and “life-breathing” villain Niander Wallace joined the crowd! He shared a few words before the theater went dark and snapped a selfie with the audience too!

Overall the movie was one hell of a ride! The film did a great job paying homage to the original with its dark and gritty pallet, gross yet pretty cityscapes, and unmistakable floor shaking synth while being risky enough to tell a new story that wasn’t a copy paste of the original but still plays by the same rules.

Do yourself a favor and check it out in theaters so you can get the full experience, you won’t regret it!