Minneapolis rapper/singer Lizzo has emerged as one of the boldest, most compelling voices in popular music.  It feels like she came out of nowhere, but of course that is actually not the case.  You know that (somewhat annoying) friend of yours who is always claiming that they were a fan of [artist X] before their first album, blahblahblah…well we gotta say, we were a fan of Lizzo’s before her first album.  A few years ago we produced one of our favorite projects with MTV.  Entitled This Is The Place, it was a digital series that celebrated local music, fashion, food, and culture in a variety of cities. Our local producers had a hand in recommending places to go, artists to listen to, etc and that was when Lizzo first arrived on our radar, as a member of The Chalice.

You can check out the full video HERE.  Bump her new album, Cuz I Love You on Spotify.  Perfect music to enjoy this weekend while we enjoy some beautiful springtime weather.