Drones.  It’s funny that they’re called drones, since droning as a verb conjures a long, drawn out monotonous speech or sound.  To those of us in the filmmaking community, drones (of the unmanned aircraft variety) are anything but monotonous or boring.  They give us the opportunity to capture an environment from a perspective that was unimaginable to an independent filmmaker or hobbyist a couple years ago.  Oh yeah, and they’re so damn cool to boot.

So when we came across this profile of photographer Aydin Büyüktas in Wired, it caught our eye.  By stitching together images in Photoshop, he makes mundane spots feel like the beginning of a big rollercoaster drop.  Whoa.  After all, it’s not merely the ability to capture video or still images with a drone that make them cool, it’s what you do with that ability.

We are of course very familiar with unique uses of drone technology, having been the production partner with Intel as they have redefined how drones can communicate and become a new groundbreaking art form.  Check out how Intel has painted with light in the video below, and check out more of Aydin’s work at aydinbuyuktas.com