We pride ourselves in being ambassadors of authentic voices.  Natural, and at times locally oriented content from real people is a powerful way to convey brand messaging, if done properly.

This Kraft Mac & Cheese spot caught our eye recently.  Some of us here are old enough to remember when TV was dominated by only three major networks, and cursing was strictly verboten.  If you heard a borderline dirty word like “ass” or “bitch” you’d be aghast.  Shows that had any sort of edgy language risked losing sponsor support.  So it’s kinda funny to see how far we’ve come, when a huge consumer packaged goods company like Kraft makes a spot, albeit digital, that not only features some fowl language, but it’s centered around it.

Hey, they’re just words, and the comedic effect of them being bleeped out makes it even more amusing.  By championing the need that most parents have faced to curse in the face of challenging parental moments, Kraft celebrates real moms in a fresh, not, um, cheesy way.  F&#%’n A, KUDOS TO YOU Kraft!