Welcome to the latest installment of Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate members of the VIMBY nation and get to know them a little better.  Here we profile one of the most colorful characters in VIMBY Nation, Claudia LaBianca.

Name: Claudia LaBianca

Hometown: Miami

First Worked With VIMBY: 2011

Favorite Thing About Being A Filmmaker: Being able to turn ideas into tangible things.

Most Treasured Piece of Gear: My personal vision…

Most Important Item on Set: CUBAN COFFEE

Favorite thing about my hometown is: Sunshine – summer all year long

What advice would I give my 21 year old self: Keep believing in yourself, you are doing great!

Recent work I’d like to share:

Dreams Music Video

Tu Lo Sabes Bien Music Video

Trailer Of My Film

Lil Doc Shot From A Bicycle @ Burning Man