Welcome to the first installment of Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate members of the VIMBY nation and get to know them a little better.  Here we profile longtime VIMBY vet Jerad Cullen.

  • Name: Jerad Cullen
  • Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
  • Years Working with VIMBY: 8-9 years
  • Favorite VIMBY Production: UFC 200 Ultimate Fan Experience or INTEL BMX meets Curie
  • Favorite Thing About Being A Filmmaker: The best thing, to me, about being a filmmaker is getting to see the world and getting paid to do it. Since graduating college Ive had the opportunity to work in Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, El Salvador, Peru and the Dominican Republic, among others, and the list keeps on growing; not to mention basically every state in the US including Alaska. Getting to see amazing locations and experience different cultures fascinates me and Im always ready for the next adventure waiting around the corner.
  • Most Treasured Piece of Gear: My Ronin-M Gymbal…but not because it helps capture smooth and dynamic shots, but more so the nostalgic value it has for me. Having spent two months traveling across Australia and New Zealand, 99% of the time shooting on the Ronin, every time I pick it up to get a shot it reminds me of probably the best job Ive ever had the opportunity to work on.
  • Most Important Item on Set: Sour Patch Kids
  • My Ultimate Ambition is….just keep doing what Im doing. I have the greatest job in the world and I never would have thought that picking up a Hi8 camera when I was a kid to film my friends and I skateboarding, would ever have led me to where it has now. I made a brief attempt at studying Business Accounting in college but eventually quit to pursue my education in Film (despite protests from my parents) and to this day I always say that even the worst day on set is better than the best day in an accounting office.
  • Recent Work: Demo Reel