Welcome back to Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate members of the VIMBY nation and get to know them a little better.  Here we profile OG VIMBY vet Rodrigo Gomez.

  • Name: Rodrigo Gomez
  • Hometown:Miami –  Originally: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Years Working with VIMBY: Since Day 1!
  • Favorite VIMBY Production: Mudbogging was a special coverage. So many awesome and cool ones, and great people I’ve met through a lot of interesting VIMBY productions.
  • Favorite Thing About Being A Filmmaker: Being able to tell stories. From a simple video to documentaries, all stories take crafting and shaping to become complete. Also, it’s always something new, something interesting. I never know where I’m going tp be or who I’m going to meet.
  • Most Treasured Piece of Gear: The cameras and lenses I guess, even though it’s constantly changing. 
  • Most Important Item on Set: A game plan, a script, guide, boards, etc… To me it is always important to be prepared and have a plan or a guide to follow. This way, once the plan is covered, there is room for improvisation and new ideas on the spot.
  • Favorite Thing About My Hometown: Diversity. Miami truly is an unique spot mainly because so many different cultures, beliefs, ideas and generations that meet here.
  • Recent Work: The K-9 Project