With today’s emphasis on social media and our digital lifestyles, it’s no wonder that a backlash of sorts has started to bubble up.

Check out this new campaign from Miller Lite, the premise of which is “going dark” on social media, with an emphasis on ditching our phones to hang out with friends in person instead.  With a Miller Lite in hand, of course.

You can watch the kickoff video HERE.

As they say in their blog post, “Miller Time is the perfect antidote to a life spent online…a few friends are better than a few thousand followers.”

We’re all for this sentiment.  While social media and our reliance on our phones is not going anywhere, we feel that going analog and making human connections is good for the soul.  One can only hope that the next phase of the Miller Lite campaign is to revamp their commercials from the 80s.  Someone get Bob Uecker and John Madden on the phone!  They probably won’t respond to a DM…