We are super excited to announce that VIMBY, in conjunction with our co-tenant Plush Digital, is adapting our HQ to a collaborative workspace.  Dubbed Runway 16 Labs (a nod to our majestic view of the so named runway of the Van Nuys airport we overlook), we are offering flexible business accommodations, an energetic creative atmosphere, and, hello – free breakfast on Fridays! – among other perks.  A ping pong stadium.  We’re super dog-friendly. A veritable cornucopia of snacks.  The list goes on…

Collaborative workspaces are a brilliant solution for small businesses or individual entrepreneurs to work in an environment that fosters collaboration, shared resources, and fresh perspectives.  And there’s nothing like it out here in the Valley.  That’s the sneaky but crucial hidden benefit of joining Runway 16, particularly if you live in the 818: the best commute in Los Angeles.  Living in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana etc and commuting to our offices vs driving over the hill will add 20 years to your life expectancy*.  So get out of your pajamas and join the real world!

*actual life extension may vary.

Schedule a visit and check us out.