Little did we know that back in 1997, a company known as Netflix would forever change the way the world consumes movies and television. They started first as a media streaming + video-on-demand service until entering the film & television production space in 2013 when they released their first original series, House of Cards, which you may have heard of if you are a living human… Just 3 years later, in 2016 alone, around 126 Netflix original series were distributed, and the platform now has nearly 110 million subscribers, worldwide.

Remember the days where each week you’d look forward to one designated hour where you could find out what happened with your favorite characters on your regularly scheduled, linear, TV series? Seems archaic, doesn’t it?

We live in a world of instant-gratification, and Netflix is certainly guilty of satiating that need…New episode each week? Now that is just ridiculous, nobody wants to wait a week to find out what is going on in their favorite show. BOOM. Here’s the entire season, available all at once…Thanks, Netflix!

Suddenly, not only where we consume content has changed, but also the cadence at which we are watching…Any of you watch more than one episode at a time? How about three in a day? How about an entire season in less than 24-hours? If any of you are guilty of the latter, just know you are not alone… In fact, Netflix has officially classified those who watch an entire season of any given series within 24-hours as “Binge Racers” and apparently there are 8.4 million of them, and counting! So, who are these binge-racers? Are they just people with nothing better to do? Possibly, but in fact, they come in all different shapes and sizes, from teens, still struggling with puberty, to middle-aged men and women finding TV time in-between hectic work and family schedules.

Netflix recently decided to introduce some of these binge-racers to the world, and as we at VIMBY are constant consumers of content, many of us binge-racers ourselves, we had a blast casting all types of Netflix fanatics, and having the chance to capture their own personal binge-racing stories!