“Jessie Graff and a crew of Ninja Warriors and Olympians”

It’s that time of year again, America!  Red Nose Day is back we are thrilled to be a part of it once more.  This tremendous charity raises money to fight childhood poverty here and abroad.  For just $1, you can buy a red nose at your local Walgreens and the profits go to a variety of charity partners who work to lift kids out of poverty and hunger.  It’s just about the most fun way to make a difference one can find.

Red Nose Day 2017 Launch video

Last year, when Walgreens approached us to help raise awareness for the cause, we created an ambitious content marketing play:  50 States, 50 Stories.  We were moved to hear that even in its first year in the US, Red Nose Day charities helped kids in all 50 states.  We wanted to bring that idea to life and over 2 months, 47 VIMBY filmmakers created 53 original works, across the nation.

We thought it could not get any more exciting than that, but Red Nose Day 2017 has proven us wrong for two main reasons:

The Ride On for Red Nose Day

In partnership with People for Bikes, Walgreens is sponsoring two intense but rewarding bike rallies with professional cyclists and talented hobbyist (many from the Walgreens organization).  We were embedded every step (or pedal) of the way and turned around an edit of the West Coast ride within 12 hours of its arrival in Vegas.

Red Nose Day Live

This is probably the most exciting development at VIMBY this quarter and not just because it brought a bunch of puppies to our office!  Though we have done many FB Live broadcasts for brands, we have never been a part of an execution this tactical and disruptive.  We don’t think anyone has.

To raise awareness for Red Nose Day, Walgreens is going live on five consecutive Fridays, with over 600 associates broadcasting live simultaneously from their personal profiles (which we know Facebook elevates over brand pages) and driving tune in to VIMBY’s tentpole events.

We’ve seen engagement 3-4x benchmark, which we hope will help continue driving record breaking sales of the noses.  Speaking of, why don’t you tune in each Friday to see what surprise we have in store and head down to Walgreens and help us fight child poverty one nose at a time?

A look back at 50 States, 50 Stories