Our partnership with Intel is a constant thrill ride.  They inspire us to think about the future, and how technology will play a role in improving our lives.

Intel approached VIMBY to develop a content strategy for the launch of a new publishing website and a linear competition reality series which we ultimately generated all of the content to populate their new HUB, including 100+ original videos from around the country.  We also produced a weekly online magazine show to build awareness for their television competition series.

But that was a mere project on the ground.  We have covered their Shooting Star drones initiative since it’s inception, as it has dazzled viewers with intricately choreographed light shows in the skies above a variety of events, including the Super Bowl LI Halftime show and Coachella.  We’ll take being the opening act for Lady Gaga and Radiohead any day of the week.

Client:  Intel
Services: Creative Development, Writing, Production, Editorial
Digital & Social


Intel Falcon 8+

Wonder Woman in The Sky

BMX Meets Curie

Drone 500

Drones Sydney

Drones Coachella

Jet Engine Go Kart

Drone 100

Quacky Prosthetics