Our partnerships with some of the biggest names in technology (Samsung, Intel, Microsoft) is always a constant thrill ride.  As we know, they are also many times under the scrutiny of public opinion and legislation as the fear of the unknown can cripple some of the most innovative ideas.  VIMBY  helps are tech partners to re-inspire us to think about the future, and more clearly imagine and invision how technology will play a role in improving our lives.

VIMBY has implemented a wide range of content strategies for such activities as the launching of a new tech-giants consumer publishing website, convincing the FAA to allow for drones to be flown for entertainment with a documentary, and even developing a digital linear competition reality series featuring innovators and creators in over 100+ original videos from around the country.  We’ve even produced a weekly online magazine show to build awareness for a brand’s broadcast television series.

But that was a mere project on the ground.  We have captured massive drone live experiences, as they  dazzled viewers with intricately choreographed light shows in the skies above a variety of events, including the Super Bowl LI Halftime show and Coachella.  We’ll take being the opening act for Lady Gaga and Radiohead any day of the week.

Client:  Technology Leaders
Services: Creative Development, Writing, Production, Editorial
Broadcast, Digital & Social


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