What makes VIMBY’s relationship with Walmart so powerful is the fact that we were able to service so many areas of the company.  What began as a relationship with Marketing, soon grew to Corporate Communications, CSR, Shows and Events, and E-Commerce.  We operated as a studio of record, working with all of their agencies and their internal marketing team.

Client:  Walmart
Services: Creative Direction, Production, Casting



Local TV Commercials





Local Basket Claim – Yes, this is all true…

A logistical game changer, VIMBY produced more than 2,500 local television commercials in over 80 cities and 4 languages for Walmart to date. Oh, and that’s in addition to national TV advertising, content marketing, and branded entertainment series. All that content can make your head spin, and earned VIMBY an Effie for Most Effective Retail Campaign, as well as Walmart’s Marketing Supplier of the Year award.

  • Shot in over 80 Markets in multiple languages
  • 2500 spots, with up to 40 spots shot weekly
  • 36-hour turnaround from shoot to air
  • Most effective Walmart campaign in history
  • Resulted in multi-billion dollar sales lift over 2 year period


We believe human stories move the needle and that was our strategic view towards our years long relationship with Walmart’s Corporate Comm department.  We told stories of Walmart’s investment in its workforce, its commitment to domestic manufacturing and its promise to hire veterans by bringing the human impact to life.


After investing heavily in improving their meat and produce categories, Walmart needed a disruptive idea for a campaign to really turn long time skeptics into believers.  We launched a hidden camera campaign called “The Steakover,” where we took over renowned steak houses and served Walmart Premium Steak.  After seeing their sales skyrocket beyond all KPI, we applied the same idea to Produce, again changing perception and delivering huge ROI.