Apple held their annual WWDC event this week.  A wonderful opportunity for us all to unleash our primal Apple geek-ness.  We learned about iOS 11, which introduces some super cool features that will inevitably inspire us all to buy shiny new Apple hardware to keep up with them.  As part of their presentation, Apple imagined a world without apps.  Check it out HERE.  In today’s already apocalyptic world, it caused some to chafe at it’s tone.  I for one, got a kick out of it, and it led me to ask our staff – what is the one app you could NOT live without, and why? To modify the settings (see what I did there), I exempted the “core four” apps that we all use – the Phone, Messages (text), Safari (or whatever web browser you prefer), and Email.

Sure, this wasn’t the most scientific study, but I was struck by the degree to which responses varied and seemed to transcend demographics.  For example, our world has a preconceived notion of young people being addicted to social media, sharing their proverbial butt selfie to the world on the regular.  Not entirely accurate – many millennials on our staff seem cautious on social.  Knuckleheads like me in our 40s seem more prone to share.

Here are our responses: (names withheld for their safety…)

Millennial Editor replied simply, YouTube.  No why was given, but I suppose for an individual who devotes most of his waking hours in an edit bay surrounded by ironic polaroids of our company’s salad days and using an old wifi hotspot as a door stop, his choice is rather obvious.

CEO replied simply, Instagram.  He’s got kids and stuff, makes sense.

Sensible Senior Executive replied with a variety of choices as sensible as a pair of tan chinos:

  1. Waze because I live in LA
  2. Uber because I like to party
  3. Apple News because I do not like watching news on TV and it keeps me up to date with all relevant news in the world
  4. Weather Channel: because I live in the valley and want to know how bad I’ll be sweating that day

Millennial Producer put it well:

The app that I couldn’t live without is Instagram. I call it my “social resumé” and am very selective about the content which I put on there. I consider Instagram to be a visual representation of myself for people who know and don’t know me.

Head Of Post, a technological wizard who has gotten us all out of some technological jams throughout the years, had this response:

That’s funny.  I don’t really use many apps.  Although, there is one which I would say is the reason I get out of bed in the morning.  It’s the clock app on my phone.(I haven’t owned an alarm clock in years).


One Senior Exec who contributes to much of our creative replied thusly:

The only app I use everyday other than those you’ve excluded is Waze.

 Really went out on a limb there.  He continued:

 The Apple spot reminded me of how I moved out to LA in ’93. I had a Rand McNally U.S. Road Atlas, and it got me exactly to the address in North Hollywood where my college buddy lived. I don’t think I got even remotely confused in that 2K mile drive until I exited the 101. Wonder if anyone even teaches kids how to navigate anymore?

 Millennial Producer:

First and foremost: Google Maps

Next Up: Probably Snapchat or Facebook – gotta keep up with everyone!

 Another Millennial Producer who only listens to music from artists that don’t have a vowel in their name…?:

Spotify! Music = Life 

Millennial Jack Of All Trades:

I will say the Spotify app…Whether I am working, working out, cooking, anything, I enjoy listening to music and find myself constantly using Spotify.

Millennial Jack (Jacklyn?) of All Trades sited Google Maps, Lyft/Uber and Venmo/Paypal.  Re the latter:

I use it all the time for social outings, it saves anyone from having to carry exact change and saves time. It’s the easiest way for friends to pay back friends or loved ones for anything at anytime. No worries about “getting to it when I’m home” or worrying about cash. 

One Senior Executive not quite as old as me (who is at this point?!!) mentioned a handful of apps that we all use, and one that I was unfamiliar with, Tripit, a travel organizer.  I am amazed at this point to discover significant apps that I am unfamiliar with.  But they’re out there.

Veteran VIMBY Filmmaker One Would Not Be Remotely Surprised By Their App Fluency:

In terms of maximum use…Reddit and IG are the biggest time killers and go tos for killing time and gathering info while bored and in need of entertainment.

 Practical Use…Podcast app because I listen to tons of Podcast from comedy, mma, news, sports, etc its my preferred method of entertainment while driving to work or road trips. Or my most useful camera tools including…lighting meter (for white balance monitoring), Sun Seeker (for tracking the movement of the sun), Ihandy level (for leveling dolly track etc.), Green Screener (for measuring light on a green screen), DJI (for communicating with my drone and gymbal), and of course Artemis (for preproduction with camera and lens calculations)

Artemis, of course!

Producer Slash Mom Slash How Does She Do It All Slash I’m So Tired:

Can’t live without Pokemon Go because then I’d actually have to play with my child. Just kidding. Also FaceTime to keep up with friends and relatives who live far away.

Editor Extraordinaire:

I would say Instagram, because without it I wouldn’t have anything to aimlessly scroll through, watch stories or refresh for updates anytime I get a moment of downtime. Or Netflix, because without it I might have to talk to the person sitting next to me on flights.

 Right Brained Executive Mastermind:

There are many apps that I actually use more than this, but I am honestly so blown away by Shazam.  It has solved for one of the single most frustrating experiences for us old fogeys, which is hearing a song you love and having no way to find it again later.  To my feeble analog mind, it’s insane that it can recognize virtually all songs so quickly.  It makes sense that the name sounds so wizardly.  It’s magic. 

 As far as an app that I cannot live with out, the Podcasts app though that is less to the credit of the app and more to the credit of the podcasts.

Senior Executive Who Women Want To Be With And Men Want To Be (ha! AKA – ME):

I have to echo a lot of my colleagues – Spotify, my Camera, Podcasts, Instagram, Maps, etc.  I will indulge myself by suggesting two apps that no one else pimped: Words With Friends (for those moments when you don’t want to read about real world problems or do actual work; play me at schnd) and I am OBSESSED with 1 Second Everyday, an app that stitches together a video diary in a simple yet oddly compelling way.  Such a clever way to look at your life.

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