Having produced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) content for brands such as Kleenex, Johnson & Johnson and General Mills throughout the years, VIMBY understands the power authentic moments of societal change can have for corporations.  Regardless of where your views lie on the political spectrum, we can all agree that our government is in disarray, with an intense election year on our doorstep.  Corporations are increasingly looked upon as entities that are responsible for doing more than just drive profits.

Earlier this week, Fast Company laid out a thought provoking look at the ever evolving CSR landscape with 10 Ways Purposeful Businesses Will Evolve In 2020.

Whether you are a brand marketer, or simply a consumer who wants to feel an authentic connection with the products they purchase, we ask, What’s Your Purpose?  Knowing what moves you is the first step.  From there, it’s important that you communicate your inspiration with authenticity and, well, purpose.

Helping brands with that strategic guidance has been the cornerstone of VIMBY’s brand principles for over a decade.