New Digital Series! Check Out The End Of The Beginning

We are proud to share our new series!  Produced in conjunction with Samsung NEXT, "The End Of The Beginning" is a digital editorial series that explores the future of AI and Machine Learning. We're really happy with how it turned out.

The series airs exclusively on Vox; check out the first episode HERE!


Weekend Read: The Real Difference Between Creators and Influencers

Welcome back to #VIMBY Weekend Read!  It's hard to imagine, but while the terms creator and influencer seem like they've been around forever, in fact they are relatively young, in modern parlance.  An article published today in the Atlantic traces their usage, identifies the differences, and takes a look at where all of this social media creation/influence/monetization stuff is headed.

The Real Difference Between Creators and Influencers

We work with creators and influencers a bit differently than the average agency or production company.  They inspire us everyday.

Check Her Out: Lizzo

Minneapolis rapper/singer Lizzo has emerged as one of the boldest, most compelling voices in popular music.  It feels like she came out of nowhere, but of course that is actually not the case.  You know that (somewhat annoying) friend of yours who is always claiming that they were a fan of [artist X] before their first album, blahblahblah...well we gotta say, we were a fan of Lizzo's before her first album.  A few years ago we produced one of our favorite projects with MTV.  Entitled This Is The Place, it was a digital series that celebrated local music, fashion, food, and culture in a variety of cities. Our local producers had a hand in recommending places to go, artists to listen to, etc and that was when Lizzo first arrived on our radar, as a member of The Chalice.

You can check out the full video HERE.  Bump her new album, Cuz I Love You on Spotify.  Perfect music to enjoy this weekend while we enjoy some beautiful springtime weather.


RIP Nipsey Hussle

Hip Hop MC Nipsey Hussle was tragically murdered on Sunday, outside of a clothing store he owned in Los Angeles.  While a large part of the media attention has focused on his music career, his philanthropy and advocacy for black business ownership has also received a fair amount of attention.

VIMBY has spent the majority of its time for the last decade + working with brands and helping them tell their stories for a digital audience, but we began as a platform of original content celebrating youth culture.  Way back in 2009 we profiled Nipsey when he was an emerging LA rapper, just starting to hit the national scene.  There are a few things that make this old video fascinating to watch now - the non-HDness of it, the retro look of pro tools in the studio, low fi graphics etc.  But what makes it worth watching is how it captures a young artist who set out to establish himself ten years ago as someone who wanted to redefine what it meant to be a young black entertainer in the inner city - it wasn't just about dropping a dope rhyme (though he dropped many); it was about owning your own business, being your own boss, and championing your hometown while staying true to who you are.  While Nipsey Hussle's life was sadly cut short, his music - and his model for independent entrepreneurship - live on.



Welcome to VIMBY's Weekend Read, where we share interesting content you can enjoy in your PJs Sunday morning.

As we enjoy this weekend's slate of March Madness games, where some of us picked Texas Tech and Virginia to be in the final four which vaulted us in first place in the VIMBY pool, we decided to geek out on free throw form and science with this interesting article and video from Wired:


Check it out, and enjoy the games!

Weekend Read - Fast Company: Lexus Made a 60,000-Hour Documentary (that it knows you won’t watch)

Welcome back to VIMBY's Weekend Read!

Step 1: Read this article in your PJs over the weekend.

Step 2: Look smarter around the water cooler on Monday.

Weekend Read - Fast Company: Lexus made a 60,000-hour documentary (that it knows you won’t watch)

What would you watch for 60,000 hours on a loop?  Over here we are leaning towards either our Netflix queue, or bulldogs riding skateboards.

Filmmaker Friday! Meet Garrick Lane

Welcome back to Filmmaker Friday, where we celebrate the unique creative forces that make up VIMBY Nation.  Today we spend a little time with the gregarious and approachable Garrick Lane.

  • Name: Garrick Lane
  • Hometown: Conover, North Carolina
  • Years working with VIMBY: Eight Years
  • Favorite VIMBY production: Essence Fest in Louisiana
  • Favorite thing about being a filmmakerI love the process. From concept to finished video, the creation is what makes me love this job.
  • Most important item on set that is NOT a piece of technical gear: 5 Hour Energy is a must on any set especially if call is 7am or earlier
  • Favorite snack food: Wasabi Almonds
  • If I wasn't doing this I would be:drinking massive amounts of Tequila and waiting for death to grip me.

Weekend Read/Listen: Red Bull Practically Invented Branded Entertainment. What’s Next?

Welcome back to #VIMBY Weekend Read!  Today we ask you to listen.  Sharing an interesting podcast via Variety with Red Bull Media Network CEO Gerrit Meier.  Red Bull was among the first brands to redefine their relationship with their audience via compelling branded content.  Take a listen and let us know what you think - how is your brand communicating with your audience?

Weekend Read: Say Goodbye To Big Data And Hello To Big Ideas

Welcome to VIMBY's Weekend Read, where we share interesting content you can enjoy in your PJs Sunday morning.


2019 Content Marketing Trends: Say Goodbye To Big Data And Hello To Big Ideas


This passage stood out to us:

In 2019, it’s time to hark back to the basics of marketing. If you have a great idea, derived from a profound insight into your audience, you can share it in any number of ways. Imagine you’re marketing a tourism destination. If you have access to amazing personal stories from a long-time hotel doorman, a simple Q&A article could actually serve you better than a VR experience. Maybe it’s not the newest medium, but it will highlight the character of the individual in a clearer, more engaging way. The bottom line: Ideas should lead the way, not flashy tech.


What's the story you want to tell?  Let's figure out the best way to tell it.

Weekend Read: 14 Social Media Trends That Every Marketer Should Know About In 2019

Welcome to VIMBY's Weekend Read, where we share interesting content you can enjoy in your PJs Sunday morning.

From, 14 Social Media Trends That Every Marketer Should Know About In 2019

This passage stood out to us:

Reality, reality, reality—that’s what we’re all craving. Businesses that embrace social media and are comfortable letting the audience behind the curtain have a tremendous opportunity to significantly increase their brand reach. Most businesses approach social media as another outlet to disseminate an advertisement; however, as consumers, we’re immune to it. - Corey Keating, Equinox Funds


How are you using social to market your brand?