Your brand is Your story and we want to help you tell it 

VIMBY began over a decade ago with a simple goal: to enable a more fluid way of telling stories that is authentic, efficient and affordable. 

We believe in the power of content to empower, to educate, to be a change agent. 

We believe content creation should be efficient and – with the proper systems and tools – can be an affordable, fluid and a scalable part of any organization’s plans. 

We believe all content—from high end brand films to analytics reports and everything in between—must have a narrative. It must tell a story. Regardless of the discipline, platform or medium, your brand is your story. And we want to help you tell it.

Services we offer

An Efficient Production Solution For Modern Campaigns

At VIMBY, there is not a lot of separation between creative and production.  Our production team thinks constantly about creative, and our creative team develops ideas that are feasible. Our teams are trained to a singular standard… to work as a singular editorial machine able to consistently deliver on almost any production or creative challenge. 

Bringing Your Marketing Goals To Life

From long-form to short-form, commercial to CSR, digital to instore, we have successfully created and supported a panoply of brand campaigns. VIMBY’s centralized creative and hyper local production teams give us a limitless ability to quickly develop and effectively scale campaigns regardless of the audience or medium.

A Powerful Real Time Solution

We utilize the latest technology to deliver compelling content and relevant, shared experiences to audiences where they are consuming it most. Whether the goal is to drive brand life, sales, consumer participation or public sentiment, VIMBY’s live content team can power your live productions from program creation and filming through to episode encoding and streaming.

Crafting Your Story Effectively

Whether celebrating public relations initiatives, designing a campaign for recruitment, or developing thought leadership positioning, VIMBY has deep experience developing content to suit any corporate communication need.

We Find Stories Where They Happen

VIMBY understands our clients’ need to find new voices and stories to drive brand identity and relevance – internally and externally. VIMBY’s ability to “cast” these stories… to find and capture the voices that provide true influence… is part of what sets us apart from our competition. VIMBY is not just an execution resource. It is one of the largest “casting” networks in the world… with teams embedded in their communities ready to help clients source unique and relevant local voices that will drive national results.

A Fresh Perspective

Our feet are on the ground, but we keep reaching for the stars…with stunning, aerial photography. VIMBY’s team of licensed drone operators / photographers bring the right mix of technology, skill and vision to each project and help add an arresting visual layer to any production.

Capturing Imagery To Suit Your Needs

In a world that is constantly in motion, sometimes you need content that stands still and captures your audience’s attention. Whether for social, brand identity, advertising or collateral purposes, VIMBY’s network of still photographers help augment existing productions, drive new campaigns and refresh our clients’ content libraries.  

We'll Fix It In Post...

Our post production capabilities are as nimble and efficient as our production teams. From quick, “real time” edits and social versioning in the field to graphic deliverables and traditional post workflow, our editorial team moves at the speed of digital. Our filmmakers help fuel our creative machine, but our success hinges on the infallible ability of our post department to manage, shape and deliver thousands of pieces of content each year.

Success Stories