Meet The Team

With our headquarters in Los Angeles and satellite offices in New York and Atlanta, we’ve strategically positioned ourselves to tap into the rich tapestry of talent and diversity these cities offer. But our true strength lies in our VIMBY Nation—a network of filmmakers, photographers, casting pros, and production teams deeply embedded in local communities worldwide.

This approach isn’t just about proximity; it’s about authenticity and insight. Our teams are not outsiders looking in; they’re integral members of the communities they serve. They understand the nuances, the trends, and the pulse of local culture like no one else can.

At VIMBY, we don’t just work in communities; we’re part of them. And that makes all the difference.

Meet some of the incredible individuals who make up our extended family:


Juliana – Denver


Chris – Albuquerque


Erin – Los Angeles


Corey – Bronx


Garrick – Charleston


Max – Los Angeles


Maria – New York


JR – Los Angeles


Rodrigo – Miami


Alex – Portland


Eddie – Cleveland


Jeremy – Mobile


Kyle – Dallas


Ed – Phoenix


Travis – Kansas City


Ben – Los Angeles


Nez – London


Andrew – Goletta


Ryan Grams – St Paul


Elia – Los Angeles


Dean – Los Angeles


Ben – Atlanta


Josh – Boston


Steve – Los Angeles


Candace – Portland


Michael – Tel Aviv


Adam – Atlanta


Jon – Philadelphia


Eric – New York


Philip – Toronto


Clay – Nashville


Chris – Connecticut


Andres – Berlin


Laura – San Jose


Clay – Memphis


Ed – Los Angeles