How do you evolve a brand’s association from illness to an everyday instrument of care. 31 stories from 22 markets driving 500+ million organic views along the way, that’s how!

Facebook came to VIMBY looking for a good cry. Together, we developed a video content-driven campaign for the Kleenex brand that delivered “Gestures of Care.” VIMBY canvassed the country looking for emotionally uplifting stories of real people showing meaningful gestures of care and brought those stories to life. And when we consider how effective this campaign has been, with over 500 million organic views and growing, we get a little choked up too.

  • Creative strategy developed on the foundation of behavioral and contextual targeting
  • 31 videos shot in 22 Markets to date
  • 120+ million organic views on Facebook & YouTube and counting…
  • Created the #10 viral video of the year with over 2 million shares (Ad Age)
  • Multiple videos generated global press coverage, including major Broadcast and Digital news outlets
  • Videos in paid media have driven positive lift is brand affinity, intent to purchase and DR activation.

Client:  Facebook
Services: Development, Casting, Experiential, Production, Distribution


Unlikely Best Friends

Tiny Miracles

My Father, My Hero

A Caring Chorus

Play Ball

A Shining School