Any of you watch more than one episode of a Netflix series at a time? How about three in a day? How about an entire season in less than 24-hours? If any of you are guilty of the latter, just know you are not alone… In fact, Netflix has officially classified those who watch an entire season of any given series within 24-hours as “Binge Racers” and apparently there are 8.4 million of them, and counting! So, who are these binge-racers?

Netflix recently decided to introduce some of these binge-racers to the world, and as we at VIMBY are constant consumers of content, many of us binge-racers ourselves, we had a blast casting all types of Netflix fanatics, and having the chance to capture their own personal binge-racing stories!

  • Strategy & Concept development
  • Research & Casting
  • Production
  • Post-Production

Client:  Netflix
Services: Creative Direction, Casting, Production


Meet the Binge Racers