The Ship and the Iceberg

First off, let’s start with this.  You need to buy this dude’s used car….

I saw this video yesterday and laughed my ass off.  I can’t tell if I was laughing because the video was so entertaining or because of the sheer fact a person would go to this much trouble to recoup $1500 on a car.  But, for real, this visual effects artists deserves an Effie and an upgrade.

But, this video speaks to a larger truth that big agencies and content studios need to recognize.  There is no more walled garden when it comes to being a content creator.

Technology has democratized filmmaking to the point where anyone with 10K dollars (or less) and talent can compete with Hollywood and Madison Avenue for eyeballs and brand dollars.  Ultimately, this is a great thing.

Casey Neistat sure thinks so….

Indeed, there are many, many icebergs out there, telling incredible stories, pushing the boundaries of video technology, moving people to action…or maybe just selling their car.

But, the problem for marketers is that icebergs often do destroy things.  Too often, this raw talent does not understand brand guidelines and has never worked to a brief.  And so those who source creative or work with individual have no guarantee that their brand is going to be protected.

And that, I think, is where VIMBY comes in..  That is what we commit ourselves to every day.  Finding and empowering the next generation of storytellers to flex their creative muscles and make money doing it but also making sure that a process exists to protect the client.  We could not be what we are without this new generation of creator and the new generation of technology that empowers them.  But, we like to think, they may not be quite the same without us.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a Suzuki to buy.