Every year VIMBY hosts a “Film Festival” – an opportunity for our filmmaker to produce their passion projects, celebrating real people doing extraordinary things.  We get together at the Arclight to screen our favorite videos, and the audience votes to determine the top VIMBY videos of the year.  The evening is a blast – most of us consider it our favorite activity of the year.

Last year, one of the top vote-getters was Joshua Moore’s piece on San Francisco icon Stephen Parr and his world-class film archive known as Oddball Films. As quirky and irreverent as the man himself, Joshua’s video has an artistic point of view and narrative style that jumped off the screen.

The video provides a glimpse into Stephen’s passion for all things film and his mission to seek out treasure in the things others often disregard.

We were saddened to learn that Mr. Parr passed away last week. His loss will be felt in and beyond the Bay Area film community, but his legacy will certainly live on. We are honored to have been able to celebrate his life’s work in a small way.